AI For Banking and Finance

We create everything that your enterprise needs from training data to working with unstructured text, images and videos for machine learning.

AI For Banking and Finance

Leaders in financial services use machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve customer acquisition, retention and overall experience
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The financial industry collects large amounts of data every day – from customer records to behavior patterns, public trading information to portfolio investment trends.

Thanks to advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence in financial services companies now have the ability to leverage that data to make smarter, faster, and less expensive decisions than ever before.

Firms in banking, insurance and more are starting to capitalize on the benefits of implementing machine learning, from customer acquisition and retention, to business efficiency and cost reduction goals.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are being used in key initiatives including:

Risk management

Anti-money laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC), and fraud detection programs require sophisticated tools to spot potential threats. Relying solely on employees to spot patterns in financial records can be both time-consuming and costly. Machine learning and artificial intelligence allow financial institutions to sift through data and find anomalies quickly, preventing illegal activity and saving potential company losses.

Revenue generation

Machine learning algorithms are now being leveraged by financial institutions to create investment strategies, freeing up financial advisors to engage more with their clients.

Enhanced customer experiences

With today’s expectation for on-demand customer service, chatbots have a crucial role to fill. Chatbots help to delight customers with real-time feedback and a streamlined experience.

Get the high-quality training data you need to ensure successful machine learning and artificial intelligence initiatives
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How we help

For machine learning-based solutions and systems to work effectively, the algorithms that support them need training data to ensure they are optimized. But not just any data – high quality, human-annotated data. Humans are simply better than computers at managing subjectivity, understanding intent, and coping with ambiguity.

Our secure facilities are ISO 27001 certified and our operation is ISO 9001 accredited so you can rest assured your data will remain protected and quality controlled.

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