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Exciting uses of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in Healthcare are transforming patient care
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Machine learning has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry by helping to tackle the vast amount of patient data that needs to be processed, analyzed and used by hospitals, insurance companies and other industry players.

Healthcare companies now have sophisticated tools which allow them to provide virtual healthcare assistance, recognize images on X-rays and scans for fast analysis, and complete medical coding and annotation quickly.

This growing trend stems from not only the industry’s drive to incorporate technology, but also from evolving consumer expectations. As more consumers rely on virtual assistants in their phones or at home, there are increasingly high expectations for a similar experience in cars.

This means that medical professionals can help prevent, diagnose and treat illnesses – and ultimately save lives – all while improving the bottom line.

Current examples of machine learning and artificial intelligence include:

Predictive analysis

Evaluate trends, anticipate outbreaks, and forecast patient needs.

Chatbots and virtual healthcare

Provide faster and better customer service.

Advances in underwriting

Use machine learning to build stronger underwriting models based on a wide variety of data points

With the unstoppable global demand for a better in-car experience, you need a partner with an established global track record to help you train and test your machine learning and AI systems most effectively.
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We’ve spent the last 15 years developing our expertise in the automotive industry, working with leading Tier 1 suppliers and 6 of the top 10 global OEMs, with support for 35+ languages.

With an experienced team now located in Detroit, Appen has the resources on the ground to accelerate your product development and testing workflow.

We develop data for the automotive industry to improve self-driving vehicles, enhance voice recognition, analyze sentiment, and more.

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