Machine Learning

We create everything that your enterprise needs from training data to working with unstructured text, images and videos for machine learning.
Machine Learning

Machine Learning As A Service

Machine learning is a field of Artificial Intelligence, used to make computer system intelligent and learn from experience without explicitly programmed. In Machine Learning As A Service, different models are designed in which algorithms are applied. After training, evaluation and testing of model prediction can be made. Accuracy can also be determined after testing. Generally, value of training data is 70% and testing data is 30%. Different algorithms give different accuracy based on the application where it is used. Algorithms are categorised into supervised and unsupervised. In supervised learning there is labelled data but in unsepervised learning there is no target.

Looking for Machine Learning Consulting Companies?

At Z5, we are handling most advanced problems in data Science and Machine Intelligence. We offer flexible, scalable, state of the art artificial intelligence as a service to Industries. Our prime focus to make automate the industries using deep learning techniques, which handles massive amount of data using other machine learning libraries.

Above all, Z5 is a team of bright minds connected by a common goal Machine Learning as a Service to use data in order to help organizations to solve most sophisticated business problems. We make it easier for industry to move data from insights and informed decision-making.

For organizations and people behind machine learning projects leading process to a final data application is often hard, fastidious and longer as well. Sometimes various tools that help data scientists to do their job that make the process longer and less efficient. They clean their data, visualize, create models and finally stitch it all together before considering the deployment of product. At Z5, we offer Machine Learning as a Service for data annotation services to provide you clean and label data for computer vision applications.

Why you choose us as Machine Learning As A Service Provider?

Z5 is best Artificial intelligence software provider in field of Machine Learning Consulting Companies. Z5 AI delivers Machine Learning as a Service to businesses understanding the data analytics and business insights. Our data analytics team analyses the statistics of data and build machine learning models that learns from data, content and user’s activities to sales and leads. According to the client’s perspective, these technologies help in two ways: by understanding the Intent behind the query itself, based on content and by delivering highly relevant results from search queries.

Machine Learning as a Service features Include:

  • Sentiment analysis and automated classification of unstructured content.
  • Behavioural analytics from frequency, past actions or actions of similar users.
  • Comparisons of Unstructured Content (titles, descriptions, article leads etc.) for downstream analysis or end-user applications.
  • Recommendations: Contextual information based on preferences, user behaviours and content similarities
  • Relationships between content items based on metadata, topics, concepts, genres or entities (such as names of people, organisations and locations)

Our fortune clients rely on us to improved business outcomes, operational efficiencies and drive innovation. Our Intelligent Machine Learning Consulting and Solutions provide industry-leading Machine Learning as a Service, Natural Language Processing, data analytics services and data science capabilities at scale. Our artificial intelligence consulting Experts build and implement Machine Learning Algorithms and tools that make your products and operations more smarter.

Our Role to Industries

As Artificial Intelligence Consulting or Machine Learning as a Service Provider Company improving Industries to make an automation such as stock market trading, vehicle autonomous, object detection, health diagnose system and many more. Computers can’t yet replace humans, but they can do a great job. Machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence enables you to work and complete new tasks with great accuracy. As a Machine Learning as a Service Provider, we provide a platform where your product will be build under Machine learning experts having expertise in data science projects.

We Offer Machine Learning as a Services globally.

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